Saturday, 3 November 2012

Search for a Superstar - Wednesday 7 November.

* Note - voting opens 12am Wednesday morning. No votes accepted before then *

Why should Americans have all the fun next week? Once every four years they get to put superstorms, hurricanes, rampant gun crime and more talk about Jesus than would seem absolutely necessary to one side and have a big old vote to decide who'll have his finger on the big red button for the next four seasons while we spend November eagerly waiting for the draft and doing very little else.

So next Wednesday our time forget those two huge November battles Obama vs Romney and Wilson vs Melbourne Football Club, and instead cast your ballot to decide who will succeed the late (in a footballing sense) SME as my favourite player, complete with a new Webjet/Opal jumper to be worn in creepy old man fashion (not that sort) in 2013 and beyond.

House rules
- Eligible players are those below who are either on our list now or are confirmed as going to be (i.e not Hogan) except anybody who will be over 28 come Round 1, 2012 (Byrnes, Davey, Jamar, Macdonald or Rodan)
- All votes should be 3 - 2 - 1 a'la the Brownlow, with three votes for your first selection
- Results are provisional until after all the drafts (if we're in any of them pending the results of the Tankquiry). If we draft somebody with an off the scale ludicrous name then I reserve the right to adopt them instead.
- No voting based on the player's current numbers, because god knows who will end up with what once they do the annual reshuffle
- If the winner is unable to fulfill his duties by being delisted in some wildcard last minute list management move the runner up shall assume his duties.
- One vote per account per format.
- Players can, and are encouraged to, vote for themselves.

Voting will be open via the comments on this post, on Twitter via @demonblog or in a thread on BigFooty from 12.00 am until 11.59pm Wednesday 7 November. The Demonblog Electoral College will convene the next morning to ratify the provisional winner.

Here's your form guide for all the eligible contenders.

BAIL, Rohan

Pole position on the ballot unlikely to compensate for trying to get him delisted all year.

BARRY, Domenic
Unknown quantity with no natural voting support. Unlikely to poll better than lower mid-table.

A solid and steady career without major highlights or gimmick activities will hurt his chances.

The pre-poll bookies favourite due to big lead amongst Twitterists and a long, proud history of doing odd things like this. Despite his early favouritism there's some chance that his life long platonic love affair with $cully may hurt him in the eyes of some voters.

CLARK, Mitch
Undoubtedly a great man, and would be a big chance in a wider public vote but is he too popular for novelty value voters to consider? 2 and 1 votes could help him rise up the leaderboard.

Hasn't done enough yet to be considered by most voters.

Failed to play a game in 2012 after being declared "Demonblog's Own" (which shouldn't be confused with a favourite player), so unlikely to poll enough votes to win.

DAWES, Chris
Too many pre-debut question marks for voters to get excited. Also the chance of being assigned his old #31 means that there could be $cumbag $cully confusion.

DUNN, Lynden
Would almost have been DQed if he hadn't shaved the mo, but big questions about what he'll be doing next year will hurt his chances.

EVANS, Michael
Promotion to senior list will help, but injury hit 2012 season will count him out of the voting.

Would have stood a far better chance if he'd retained the straggly hair/bearded Jesus/cult leader look that he was sporting for Casey late this season.

A tower of strength in an often shit side. Would be a worthy victor.

Wearing the expression of a stoner 24/7 may appeal to a core group of voters. If they can be bothered getting out of bed to cast a ballot.

Questions over his fitness, but everyone loves a novelty character who looks like a movie super villain.

Voters unlucky to opt for the captain as they look for a novelty option, but would be a worthy winner.

HOWE, Jeremy
Another worthy winner who might be hampered in this vote by his sudden popularity amongst the wider community.

JETTA, Neville
I like Nifty but am still not entirely sure why. Do the voters care? Probably not.

JONES, Nathan
Mainstream popularity might not be enough with the notoriously picky online audience.

A storming start to his career and early Jakovich Medal lead petered out late in the year. Won't help his chances.

The only player to follow @demonblog on Twitter will surely vote for himself.

The wearer of a royal number would be a worthy choice because he's got more substantial grapefruits than most of his competitors combined.

I do like this guy, and let's be honest 26 is a very attractive number. But I'm not voting, so what I think means stuff all.

Quality nickname aside nobody knows if he's any good. That has not stopped me adopting players as my favourite before.

Honest as the day is long, but questions over long term future will not help him.

Looming as a compromise option for all those who were intent on stooging me by voting for Morton. If it happens I've got two years to make this work. If I have to wear his number I'll be crossing my fingers that he keeps hold of #42, which is quite a nice pair of digits.

Showed good signs late in 2012 but far too vanilla to do well here.

A good choice if you're keen on me grappling with self loathing on a weekly basis while he goes from nothing to the greatest player on earth twice a game.

Already voted this year's 'Most Likely to Not Exist'

Angry young man status will count in his favour.

Wild community popularity due to all around good guy status and captaincy might not help him here.

Despite his novelty elfish appearance he probably can't win based on having played just two matches.

The next big thing. Could be the start of a beautiful friendship. Big questions about what number he'll end up with.

A polarising figure who should make the Brownlow and pick up a few votes here and there but not enough to get closer than the top ten.

Happy voting one and all. Enjoy your democracy.


  1. Hmmph! If I can't vote for Jamar (ageist rubbish!) then it must be Colin Sylvia. I say beef up the grappling with self-loathing at every opportunity.

    Vote 1: C Sylvia

    So there.

  2. And NOW I see the opening date/time. As you were

  3. My votes:

    3: Clint Bartram
    2: Tomb McDonald
    1: Jack Grimes

  4. 3: Jeremy Howe. Go Tassie
    2: Sam Blease. Enjoy watching him pull out shit from nowhere.
    1: Chris Dawes. Just for the fun of watching a hugely expensive decoy run to exactly where the ball won't be kicked.

    I did also vote on twitter (@A_OKeefe), but I decided to vote here too. :)


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