Thursday 29 December 2011

Stat My Bitch Up - Demonwiki's year in review

In the spirit of end of year lists, reviews and all that other self indulgent bollocks that people enjoy writing far more than reading here's a look at the final end of year stats (or near enough to) for Demonwiki.

Thanks to everyone who has supported the site through the last year (and the previous three) and helped pay for the hosting costs by 'taking an active interest' in the many great offers provided down the right side of this page *ahem*.

Next project is to finish doing individual pages for each Reserves season and putting together a proper record of the highest scores/biggest losses etc.. in the seconds. There's a semi completed version of it on this page where you will note that the Reserves managed to a 180 point loss in Geelong many years before the ones did it.

Fans of barely known Reserves and Under 19's players of the 80's and 90's (and who didn't have a sick fascination with Keith Goonewardene in the early 90's?) might also be interested in this list. Then again you might not. Which would be understandable.

Also lost in the archives are my two favourite articles, showcasing the best and worst in MFC related trading card moments (Part 1 and Part 2).

Total pages - 5898
Days online - 1294
Visits to Wiki pages - 2,417,306
Images - 3658

Most viewed players
1 - Allen Jakovich (5461)
2 - Jim Stynes (3965)
3 - Robert Flower (2762)
4 - Garry Lyon (2644)
5 - Ron Barassi (2484)
6 - Carl Ditterich (2430)
7 - Shaun Smith (2116)
8 - Rod Grinter (1923)
9 - Craig Nettelbeck (1906)
10 - Glenn Lovett (1888)
11 - Sean Wight (1871)
12 - Brent Crosswell (1840)
13 - Stephen Tingay (1821)
14 - Darren Kowal (1739)
15 - Todd Viney (1732)
16 - Ray Biffin (1720)
17 - David Schwarz (1671)
18 - Troy Broadbridge (1587)
19 - David Cordner (1578)
20 - Guy Rigoni (1551)

See you next year for another season of nerdly goodness and frantic fat finger poking at keyboard style bloggery. Here's to adding to these two pages at some point next September (or preferably October).

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