Monday 5 April 2010

Demonblog's 10 Worst Games

Compiled as part of this thread on Big Footy.

Round 13, 1998 vs St. Kilda
Saved in retrospect by the win over WCE the next week, but standing there in the rain like an idiot for four quarters while we got flogged was painful.

R17 2000 vs North
Lost by a point and I wrecked my hand punching a seat in Colonial

Round 19, 2003 vs Geelong
A cold Friday night where we put in a pitiful performance. Memorable for footage of that guy yelling at Daniher over the fence.

Round 18, 2005 vs St Kilda
As our losing streak got some momentum we tried to rough up the Saints at the start and were completely embarassed. Lucky to lose by less than 100

Round 9 2007 vs North
Another one point loss sent us 0-9

Round 2 2008 vs Bulldogs
Almost as bad as Round 1... more on that later.

10 - Round 1999 vs Freo
Modra kicks ten despite me meeting him before the bounce and politely requesting that he didn't. Failed to give me any kind of mention in his post match interviews.

9 - 1998 Prelim Final vs North
I had convinced myself that we were about to involve ourselves in the miracle of the millenium and make the GF. We did bloody well to hang with them and be within miracle distance at 3qt but didn't get the job done.

8 - Semi Final 2002 vs Adelaide
The biggest rollercoaster I've ever seen. Painful.

7 - Round 6 2007 vs Port
0-6 and with 30 seconds to go McDonald pinged for deliberate. Went wild.

6 - Round 1 2007 vs St Kilda
Went in as premiership contenders, came out ready to fall to pieces.

5 - Round 2, 1999 vs St Kilda
On the day that Scott Chisholm got sledged by Spider I almost got murdered by the St Kilda cheer squad. Oops.

4 - Round 14, 1990 vs North
John Longmire kicks 14 in a 127 point victory

3 - Round 1, 2008 vs Hawthorn
I'd tried to convince myself all summer that '07 was an abberation and that we'd be back to '06 form, and then we got pulverised.

2 - Grand Final 2000

1 - Round 6, 1992 vs Essendon
41 points in front at 3QT, kick the first goal of the last quarter.... and lose by a point. I can never trust a lead until it's at least about 47 points these days.

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