Saturday, 21 November 2009

Back in Blog

Hey you crazy kids, is finally back at Bad news, unfortunately, for those of you living in China but top news for people who like short URL's.

A big thanks to BigFooty for giving Every Day Is Like Sunday its start, and for five years of hosting. The problem was that nobody could remember how to make any changes to the layout, so it was littered with dead links and graphics that had bored the shit out of me by 2007.

So, what have we missed in the traditional "post nothing during the off-season" time of the year?

* St. Kilda lost a grand final in heartbreaking circumstances. We covered that, but it's funny to see it in writing again.

* Brock McLean was swapped to Carlton where he will presumably go bananas and make us look silly. Still a good move though.

* We then attempted to use pick 11 or 18 on Luke Ball, who has precisely zero interest in joining us. Everyone gets knickers in knot about better than average player.

* Blogging idiot breaks elbow and finger playing in a forum game. Melbourne, at least, win.

* SCULLGOVE all but confirmed as our 1 and 2 picks at the draft. Fans whip themselves into a frenzy about who else we're going to get - every player in the world named at one point or another on an internet forum. I think even I got a mention at some point.

* Kane Tenace and Mitch Thorp train with us. If both drafted - which is about as likely to happen as world peace - that would mean we'd have the following draft picks on our list;

1 - Watts/Scully
2 - Trengove
3 - Sylvia
4 - Morton
5 - (McLean would have been handy here)
6 - Thorp
7 - Tenace
8 - Meesen

And we're still shit..

* I hit the wall working on Demon Wiki. New information is being added, but I've had to take a break from trawling the archives for old stuff. Feel free to chip in.

Anything else? God knows. Make sure to Twitter-up and follow @demonblog for actual proper updates. Over and out.

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