Saturday 22 August 2009

Monumental Moments in History

1 January 1901 - The Australian constitution comes into force and the colonies became states of the Commonwealth of Australia

2 September 1945 - The signing of the Japanese surrender on the deck of the USS Missouri

22 November 1963 - John Fitzgerald Kennedy goes for a drive through the streets of Dallas

22 August 2009 - Mark Jamar has seven kicks for five goals.

And no I'm not even going to bother resizing that. It's THAT SORT OF MOMENTOUS OCCASION

They used to ask where you were when man walked on the moon, from now on they will ask you where you were when a bloke who looks a bit like Alex Ischenko ran riot up front. I was in the front row of the third level of the Coventry End of Etihad Stadium.

Apparently we got thumped in the match too. Who gives a shit?

2009 Allen Jakovich Medal Votes

Not much juice in these votes today. A few racked up possessions but didn't have any great impact, therefore I'm going for the forward line power twins. The Russian wins the countback for going into the ruck at the end.

5 - Mark Jamar
4 - Russell Robertson
3 - Neville Jetta
2 - Aaron Davey
1 - James Frawley

Apologies to McDonald, Sylvia, Bate, Davey, Moloney, Valenti, Rivers


Pending a BOG performance from Moloney next week, Davey should be safe to win his first Jakovich. Jamar is home in the Strawbs, Frawley has got a 2 vote lead on Rivers in the Seecamp and Grimes can only lose the Hilton if the Jurrahcane picks up 5 votes next week.

30 - Aaron Davey
27 - Brent Moloney
23 - Matthew Bate
20 - Colin Sylvia
19 - Nathan Jones
17 - Mark Jamar (WINNER: Strawbs O'Dwyer Medal for Ruckman of the Year)
16 - Brad Green
15 - Cameron Bruce
13 - Cale Morton
12 - Stefan Martin, Brock McLean, Jack Grimes (LEADER: 2009 Jeff Hilton Medal for Rookie of the Year)
11 - Ricky Petterd, James Frawley (LEADER: 2009 Marcus Seecamp Medal for Defender of the Year)
9 - James McDonald, Jared Rivers, Russell Robertson
8 - Liam Jurrah, Matthew Warnock
7 - Brad Miller
6 - Shane Valenti
5 - Kyle Cheney
4 - Jamie Bennell
3 - Matthew Whelan, Neville Jetta
2 - Paul Johnson, Clint Bartram
1 - Lynden Dunn

Next Week
St. Kilda @ the MCG. We'll get porked, end of story.

Final Thoughts
Notwithstanding the fact that he's playing decent football, how does McDonald get a one year contract at the same time we're giving Robbo the arse for being too old?

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  1. no more needs to be said. After the fourth beer - I couldn't care less.

    Bring on 2010 - sooner the better.


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