Thursday 2 July 2009

Demonblog's mid-season review and depression session

Well, it's still in the 'midst' of the season isn't it? Realistically this would have made more sense to do during the split round but I was busy freezing to death at Vi$y Park watching Casey. Now, let's look back at the horror that has been our season.

Following format stolen from the Big Footy Melbourne board, who stole it from somewhere else.

Our best winWell duh. You guess.

Our worst loss
Queen's Birthday or the Essendon game.

The single most exciting moment of the season so far
a) Finding out there was only 8 seconds to go in the Richmond game
b) Liam Jurrah's first goal
c) Signing two major sponsors when we weren't even going to get one.

The single worst moment of the season so far
a) The entire first quarter against the Pies.
b) Stynes' illness
c) John Meesen appears briefly and then disappears. Just like Jebus he will rise again.

We can't do without
a) Davey
b) Green
c) Sylvia

Could do more
a) McLean
b) Jones
c) Johnson

Mr Consistent
a) Moloney
b) Davey
c) Green

Can’t cement a spot
a) Dunn
b) Dunn
c) Dunn - wtf does the man have to do?

The player who I'm always ready to forgive for a mistake
a) Moloney
b) Martin
c) Green

The player who I'm always ready to knock for a mistake
a) Jamar (though on the strength of his two
b) Robertson
c) Johnson

Who do we want
a) Tom Scully
b) A mature aged KPF

The opposition player I'd pay money to see
a) Cyril
b) Pavlich
c) B. Harvey

The opposition player I’d pay money to see decked
a) Judd
b) Milne
c) Robert Warnock
d) Chris Johnson

Before the season, I thought we'd finish 15th
As of now, I reckon we'll end up lucky to make 16th.

B&F: Aaron Davey

Grand finalists: Geelong vs Bulldogs (sucked in Saints!)

Premiers: Geelong

Brownlow Medalist: Surely Ablett.

Coleman: Jonathan Brown

Player-by-Player ratings
No explanations, no logic.

Grades are ranked on how I expected them to be playing this year. Therefore the bigger the reputation the more harshly they're marked.

Bail, Rohan C
Bartram, Clint C-
Bate, Matthew B+
Bell, Daniel D
Bennell, Jamie A-
Blease, Sam n/a
Bruce, Cameron C
Buckley, Simon n/a
Cheney, Kyle B-
Davey, Aaron A
Dunn, Lynden C-
Frawley, James B+
Garland, Colin n/a
Green, Brad B
Grimes, Jack A-
Jamar, Mark B+
Jetta, Neville B-
Johnson, Paul D-
Jones, Nathan C-
Jurrah, Liam B
Maric, Addam B
Martin, Stefan B
McDonald, James C-
McLean, Brock C-
McNamara, Tom C+
Meesen, John B-
Miller, Brad B-
Morton, Cale C
Newton, Michael C
Petterd, Ricky C
Rivers, Jared B+
Robertson, Russell C
Strauss, James B-
Sylvia, Colin A+
Warnock, Matthew B-
Watts, Jack C
Wheatley, Paul C-
Whelan, Matthew C
Wonaeamirri, Austin n/a

Bailey, Dean C
Connolly, Chris C+
Fans, Melbourne B-
Stynes, Jim B+

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  1. Once again, a brilliant post.

    Can I double the money for the opposition player I'd pay money to see decked. (in any order). is it just me, or is Judd starting to look like the evil guy from Harry Potter.


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