Sunday, 11 January 2009

Kaptain's Korner

So, after the most drawn out process ever it's reported that James McDonald is the new captain. I've got no problem with it, it's not to say I would have picked him myself but he would have been right up there. All the contenders had their pros and cons - in order of my preference;

Brad Green

Pro: Had a magnificent season last year in an otherwise slopfest of a team.
Con: Still seen as soft for some reason. Went close to leaving in the off-season.

Brock McLean

Pro: Has leader written all over him. Loves the club.
Con: Snaps in two every five minutes. Needs a full season without the burden of captaincy.

James McDonald

Pro: Great clubman, respected by all and two time B&F winner
Con: Not a great deal of time left in his career.

Cameron Bruce

Pro: Long term player, good leader, handy in the media.
Con: Despite winning the B&F, and the coveted Allen Jakovich Medal it doesn't seem like he's been playing at 100% for a couple of years.

Brad Miller

Pro: Showed great leadership last year.
Con: Showed very little in the five years before that.

Nathan Jones

Pro: Harder at it than an adult movie star
Con: Needs to learn to deal with being tagged without wasting time trying to tell 21 duds what to do.

John Meesen

Pro: Would prove that he actually exists.
Con: Does not actually exist.

Click here for the Melbfcblog view (kids, get a gimmick name!) I don't think anyone anywhere can begrudge Junior the job - especially because it was voted for by the players - but I think we're all aware that it's only a stopgap measure until one of the other contenders shows something.

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