Tuesday 11 March 2008

Law and Order: MFC Unit


MELBOURNE'S Russell Robertson and Carlton's Marc Murphy have been cleared by the AFL Match Review Panel of any offences in weekend pre-season matches.

After assessing two incidents today, the panel ruled no charges would be laid against the players.

Robertson was reported in Saturday's NAB Challenge match against North Melbourne after high contact was made with North Melbourne's Andrew Swallow.

The panel said that as Swallow fumbled and ran over the top of the ball, Robertson came in from the side in an attempt to retrieve the ball and contact was made.

During the action, the panel said Robertson was watching the ball at all times and did not turn sideways to bump Swallow.

Cheers to there only being one shonky Channel Seven camera at the game. He's gotten away with it two weeks in a row - if we have luck like that throughout the season we might win two games.

Well, the second half of our forward line is cleared. Thank god for that, now we can concentrate on some of the few shining lights of our pre-season campaign. Hey, I hear that much maligned Colin Sylvia fellow has been playing well. Hold on a minute, what's that?



MELBOURNE has been rocked by another off-field indiscretion, with forward Colin Sylvia suspended for the club's Round 1 clash with Hawthorn.

The Demons' leadership smacked Sylvia with a one-match ban and a $5000 fine today after the 22-year-old broke a 1am curfew and failed to turn up to a compulsory recovery session.

It comes a week after Melbourne skipper David Neitz announced the players had imposed a 1am limit on attending bars and nightclubs.

Sylvia, the No. 3 pick in the 2003 draft, was one of the club's form players leading into the season opener and his loss is a savage blow to the injury-depleted Demons.

Neitz said tonight he was disappointed Sylvia had let the club down on the eve of its 150th season.

"This is disappointing for Colin and the playing group," Neitz said.

At least when the entire West Coast list were making dicks of themselves, admittedly in a more serious fashion, they had success to look back on. We're running the risk of finishing bottom and having half our squad on parole.

My theory is that he knew he should have been suspended for this,

so he didn't show up to the session to make up for it. Sucked in with the $5k fine though - that's one night's worth of drinks at Motel.

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