Wednesday 30 January 2008

While You Were Sleeping

So, what happened since the last real post? Just a few delistings, a national draft, a cowardly explanation for ditching your boyhood club by a money hungry crunt, a new coach and the emergence of the Brock McLean/Nathan Carroll tag team which rampaged it's way across Europe.

So, I promised that this off-season I wouldn't let Demonblog die in the arse. Then I did. So what, "Don't Trust Anyone", that's what I always say. It's not as if anyone is actually reading anyway.

So, to fill in my thoughts on everything that's happened.

I like him. Anyone who can knock over the likes of Kevin Sheedy after applying via a newspaper must have some sort of X Factor. Of course he's dealing with the most tragic, wrist slashingly awful club this side of St. Kilda so that might count for bugger all. I'm optimistic, even if this season still promises to be depressingly naff.

Nothing out of the ordinary there. Personally I'm still getting over Philthy's 2007 exit. Actually that's a complete lie, I'm actually still not over Allen Jakovich going.

Trade Week
Goodbye Travis Johnstone? Well I think everyone knows that I wasn't the biggest TJ fan around so I'm not exactly shattered to see him go. You can't wait forever for somebody to fulfill potential, no matter how limitless it seems to be. More surprising to me is the fact that Sydney were gagging to trade for Brad Miller and we refused them. Then he goes and ends up in the leadership group. That guy must have the biggest set of compromising photos since Luke Williams. It will be VERY interesting to see what happens with him this year.

John Meesen? Well we gave up all of pick 37 for him - so it doesn't really matter if he's a bust does it?

Very happy with this one. All of Morton, Grimes and Maric sound good and Cheney doesn't look too bad either. Then in the rookie draft we've got the new Aaron Davey in Wonaeamirri, and somebody who is called ZOMGer so there should be plenty of novelty value there.

Did anyone else find it ironic that after fighting around the world a'la Russell Crowe alongside him that Brock McLean was part of the leadership group who suspended Nathan Carroll for misbehaving? Sucked in Chopper! Wait, what do you mean we have fark all other tall defenders because Rivers will get hurt five minutes into the season again? Shit.

Prospects for 2008
10th. Not bad enough to get embarassed. Not good enough to do more than put in token contention for the 8. If Neitz goes down up front we're in more trouble than the early settlers (pending a Juice Newton led recovery), and the backline is still as shaky as buggery. Midfield should be good though.

Allen Jakovich Medal Predictions
In no particular order I'd expect that Jones, McLean and McDonald would run top three with Green challenging. Given that this site is the only one who ever gives votes to defenders I'd expect Rivers (red hot favourite for the Seecamp Medal for defenders) to challenge for bigger honors this year if he stays fit.

Anything else to declare?
Err, see you at Kardinia Park next Saturday? Apparently Geelong are going to play with 1 person on the bench or something so we might even sneak into the second week of the competition.

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