Thursday, 19 April 2007

Danners Diary '07

As exclusively revealed* to our own Bartram_Class during the week. Who said Demonblog never gets the big names?

Week Three – v. Geelong @ the MCG

Friday – Team had to be announced, decided to go with Brown, Paul Johnson and Holland. Brown will be useful running the ball out of defence, I do query his use of the ball, kicks the ball a tad bit much but that can be trained out of him. We got 11 holding the ball decisions last week, so its key we arrest that this week, so the inclusion of the three above will help no-end, PJ and I-Robot have got footy brains written all over them and won’t get run down whilst I cant recall the last time Browny has been run down, always seems to have hours when he gets the ball. They have named 4 mobile talls in their forward line, so I’ve balanced that by including 4 immobile talls in our backline, should be a good contest.

Sunday – Good news early on, Nathan Ablett has pulled up in the warm-up, with him gone I see no reason why we can’t win this, until I heard they could replace him with another player, some Selwood kid is in, my sources assure me he is no good. I decided to go in with the three pronged forward line to throw off Bomber and the boys from down south. Jamar will go the square and take Scarlett away from the play, Godfrey will lead out from full-forward, hopefully using his pace and two-footed ability to put some scoreboard pressure on them early. Davey will crumb at their feet, I had Alwyn call him during the week for some advice on how to get himself out of the form slump, hopefully it all works out.

Down back, I’ve instructed the boys to handball at all costs, preferably to a player under a bit of pressure or at worst, kick it to Chopper who will know what to do. We will employ the zonal attack from kick-ins, with 15 players stationary at different parts of the ground, Wheatley will take all kick-ins and has been instructed to touch it to himself, thus allowing him an extra stat, and then handball to the nearest player. Statistics showed West Coast averaged 150 handballs a game last year, using that info, if we can get 100 or so handballs a quarter going, we’ll be three times the team the Eagles are. Worst comes to worse, PJ’s had his contacts from the west bring some ice over so a trip at half time if we happen to be down is on the cards.

Monday – Devastating loss yesterday, despite staging a stirring last quarter comeback, we couldn’t chase down the 11 goal deficit. Was really happy with the running of the ball down back, Holland was fantastic on Hawkins early on and Fergy ran his ass off, I’m worried about his fitness though so I took him off for the next three quarters, he may require a week or two at Sandy before hes back to 100%. Jamar did a great job on Scarlett, keeping him almost touchless. Our handball count was a bit disappointing; Moloney in particular didn’t follow instructions, two times in the first quarter he shot long for goal when there was an easy handball back into traffic available, he was also taken off to think about what he had done. After a stirring half time trip, I told Godders to head to CHF and see what he could do, TJ was in a bit of trouble with a sore hand from the handballing but he decided to play through the pain, just the kind of commitment we are looking for. Recovery down at St. Kilda beach, good turn-out, spirits were nice and high, looking forward to this weekend’s crunch game against fellow premiership candidates Fremantle.

Danner’s Votes

5. Ben Holland
4. Mark Jamar
3. Nathan Brown
2. Ryan Ferguson
1. Jeff White

Handball Watch

18 – Bruce
10 – Godfrey
9 – TJ, Whelan, Yze, Carroll

0 – Moloney (dropped), Ferguson (dropped), Bate (dropped), Bell (no available replacement but would have been dropped)

Thursday – Did the normal round of media interviews, spoke of our determination to improve on last week, there were some pleasing signs but the senior players aren’t leading the way. Miller is terrific with his leading and marking, but we really need him to get back to the Miller circa 2006 where he handballed off to the player running past. Team selection was a tough job, Mark Williams spoke of Bizzell and Petterds good form at Sandy, handball counts were in, Garland wasn’t on the sheet and thus wasn’t considered for selection, the selfish cunt. There were good reviews of Michael Newtons game and after a quick review of who he actually was for my benefit, we decided to let him develop in the VFL for another couple of seasons at least. Byron Pickett should return this week, there was some discussion over whether his weight may be a problem, but the kit man assured me a new jumper would arrive in time and he was in.

(* - Not in the slightest. Don't sue - just win a game you bastards)

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