Friday, 30 March 2007

Daniel Ward: Portrait of a Dumb Punt

(Welcome to our latest contributor, Big Footy's own, Slander)

The AFL betting scandal got a lot of play over the summer in the media, so let me set the record straight:

I don't care if people or players bet on football matches.

Re. the players - they shouldn't be as stupid as Goodwin, Ward, Hale or Kieran Jack and get caught betting using their account. If they must have a flutter do it through a family member or friend or even I'll waddle down to the Sydney Rd TAB for a minimal fee as the AFL can't stop us and you won't get caught next time - idiots.

I do however think it's a tad hypocritical of the AFL one hand to slam the players who have been betting on matches and on the other wholeheartedly endorse gambling on matches and gambling in general.

I mean if they were serious about having a gambling free culture amongst players why do they have the Brownlow Medal at ****ing Crown Casino?

Why do they bombard the audiovisual media with insufferable ads featuring unwashed bogans telling all and sundry of the joys of Tatts Tipstar 8?

Why does the CEO give his tips in the footy record as well as ABC radio every week?

Basically the above has outlined that the AFL is stupid. What a revelation.

Now to Daniel Ward the MFC's very own dumb punt who got caught in the betting scandal. Once again let me reiterate:

I don't care if people or players bet on football matches.

The reason why I am calling his intelligence into question is that it was revealed that he bet on Melbourne to win. Dumb.

Even the most ardent MFC supporters don't bet on Melbourne because this team is about as volatile as Osama bin Laden himself dropping nuclear weapons into Mt. Stromboli. One week they're kicking the arse of a top 8 contender the next week they play like the Nar Nar Goon under 9's and get rolled over by Carlton. It's like flushing money down the toilet.

Daniel just don't do it again (or don't get caught).

Finally some free advice to Ward or anyone else out there:

. Don't invest shares in Enron or OneTel
. Don't expect to not get a slap in the face, when in a bar if you say: "Nice legs, what time do they open?"
. Don't expect the AFL not to **** around with the rules next year
. Don't expect politicians to tell the truth
. Don't bet on football matches featuring the MFC - God just load up on West Coast at Subi!

Anyway enough of this horse****...

Yours in drivel,


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