Wednesday 11 October 2006

What a (dull) week it's been in football

The AFL Trade Tracker. Officially the most underused and pointless application on the internet. As per usual precisely fukal is going to happen until 30 minutes before the deadline when half the league will try to be traded and half of them won't be because the fax machine ran out of paper or something.

Biggest shambles of a week ever. How about just opening it as a free-for-all from the day after the Grand Final for the next month? Doesn't help that Melbourne are completely out of the loop when it comes to hot rumor and gossip - we were linked to Shannon Watt in a farcical, and fictional, trade, are trying to flog Wheatley and Ferguson (again) and there's some suggestion Daniel Bell might go back to Adelaide. Other than that? Boring. A hand then for the sick freaks who are sitting at their computers all week dying for something to happen.

But when it comes to the AFL website don't believe anything they tell you anyway. See, for instance, how Brad Scott has aged overnight;

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At least this year there's no repeat of being woken up at 5am in England by SMS'es saying we'd signed Byron Pickett. I thought it was a practical joke.

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