Saturday 11 March 2006

No respect

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A colossal "fuck you" to whoever is in charge of the mobile phone version of the AFL website. Not only did they decide that tonight's NAB Cup semi-final was between Adelaide and Hawthorn rather than Adelaide and Melbourne, but they then gave the score of the home team to the away team (Hawthorn) thus fooling me briefly, without any access to a tv or radio, into believing we were pissing it in. It was only when the margin got slightly ridiculous that I sought clarification and found out we were the ones getting slaughtered. Even though according to their own website, which continued updating throughout, it was the home team Adelaide who were copping it.

Confused? I certainly was. When you're watching one sport, trying to avoid the scores of another and trying to get the correct scores of a third and they start pulling this shit on you it gets into "mental meltdown territory". I thought it was reasonable to assume that even if they had accidentally typed Hawthorn in instead of Melbourne that when Adelaide was the home team on the screen, and the home team in real life that whatever score the other team had was what the team who was playing them at that very minute had. Too much to ask perhaps? The worst thing was that when I opened their fixtures page to confirm that they had indeed lost the plot it insisted that the game was most certainly Adelaide vs Hawthorn. Cocks. Utter cocks.

I know Melbourne are shit, have been shit for many a year and will probably continue to be shit until the end of time but did nobody notice that the game they were updating didn't feature one of the teams whose score they were typing in? Morons.

P.S - So I guess Sylvia wins the medal. Unless I see another pre-season game this year or can find somewhere else to throw votes around.

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