Friday 13 January 2006

The Dream Is Alive

Our pre-blog idol returns. Back on the list in '07 I tell you. And captain by 2010. Cue heartwarming scenes.

Former Melbourne and Sandringham players Guy Rigoni and Chris Lamb will both play for the Sandringham Zebras in 2006.

[We love you Guy, but not as much as we love the other guy]

Lamb will be returning to VFL football after having a year off from playing the game. Lamb travelled during 2004 but is keen to return to VFL football, where he played an important role in the Sandringham 2004 premiership win. Lamb also played 21 games for Melbourne while on their list.

Duel Sandringham premiership coach Mark Williams said, "It's great to have such good players wanting to return or continue their affiliation with us, and to have Guy and Chris line up with Sandringham next year is great news, and will add to our team experience.

"These two, along with the current crop of players that have been part of our club over the last couple of years, will be very important toward developing our younger players, especially those who will join us from the Sandringham Dragons.

How much do you think it would cost to be his player sponsor at Sandringham this year? Wouldn't you just go wild for walking into the Beach Oval clubhouse and seeing that? In fact it could be the move that finally inspires me to accept the VFA again fifteen years after the death of Camberwell.

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