Tuesday 1 November 2005

Cruel to be kind

The sound you hear coming from Demonblog is towers isn't one of corks popping for Melbourne Cup day. No, pissed people throwing up in hedges and inappropriately touching each other in the street aren't the reason for applause today. This is,

PREMIERSHIP player Chris Heffernan is poised to return to where it all began: Essendon.

The Bombers will swoop on the 26-year-old in the national or next month's pre-season draft after Heffernan was yesterday one of four players delisted by Melbourne.

Heffernan on Sunday night told Demons coach Neale Daniher of his desire to continue his career at Windy Hill.

The 2000 premiership star has been offered a two-year deal by the Bombers.

Joining him out the door at Melbourne yesterday were Luke Williams, Steven Armstrong and Cameron Hunter.

Finally they've shown some balls in axing underperforming senior players. This is the start of a new era - with the potential exception of Armstrong there's not one of those who deserves to be on our list, or any list for that matter, next year.

But then there's this,

Armstrong, who attracted interest from Port Adelaide during the trade period, Hunter and Williams are also expected to nominate for either of the drafts.

If there's any drafting to be had of those two the recruiting managers concerned should be executed immediately.

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