Friday, 2 September 2005

Slop Saturday

I think the Kardinia Park scoreboard said it best a couple of weeks back,

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We hardly deserve to be considered amongst the best sides in the nation, but what about a round of applause for whoever decided on putting half the league into the finals. We regain Bruce and Miller - who will apparently both play after passing fitness tests, and Neitz is almost certain to start and get his now customary ten minutes of game time before his body explodes.

And now the bombshell. I'm not going. As far as I'm concerned the season ended for me when we had to fall over the line against the slop Essendon outfit last week - that was final proof (as if the seven losses in a row wasn't enough) that we don't deserve to be there. If I had the day off work then I'd be there, despite my misgivings, but a rubbish final between two rubbish teams is not worth giving up a fat wad of money for. I've spent enough dollars on the side this season, including taking the worst holiday EVER to Queensland, so I've done enough. Maybe if we win and end up having to go to Sydney I'll pull the wallet out once again and make the trip but until then I will remain firmly unconvinced. Let's get started on '06 already and get it right this time.

For those of you who are going - i.e everyone but me - write a review and hand out the votes and I'll post them all.

The "AWOL" verdict: Cats by 8

P.S - Any "oh but it's the finals! What sort of supporter are you! comments will be printed out and flushed down the toilet.

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