Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Enough is enough. It's time for a change

(Note - Time for some Demonblog retro, let's go back to a post written somewhere else on 9 June 2003. What a thoroughly unpleasant person I was)

Lovely season wasn't it? Let's run through some of the highlights...

* Fell across the line against Hawthorn. Should have lost.
* Beat the Bulldogs. The comprehensively second worst side in the comp.
* Got flogged by the useless Geelong.
* Beaten by Essendon in a game we COULD have won
* Threw away a comfortable lead against Sydney in the last quarter and played them into form.
* Choked from another winnable position against the Eagles.
* Somehow beat Port Adelaide. A mystery to me too.
* Once more snatched defeat from the jaws of victory against Richmond. Should have won despite
having absolutely no backline to speak of.
* Might have gotten over Fremantle if a modicum of talent or heart was shown.
* Porked by Brisbane. Nothing to surprise there. Probably should have lost by more to be honest.

And now, pumped by a startlingly ordinary, and Buckley-less Collingwood. Woo-fucking-hoo indeed. If Tarrant wasn't overrated, and Fraser/Davis the most useless combination not to wear Red and Blue we would have been done by 200.

Yes, Daniher must go. After finally relenting under pressure from all twelve Melbourne fans and actually picking Chris Lamb he left him in the frigging forward line half the game. Then, when finally somebody must have tapped him on the shoulder and explained that Tarrant was murdering Bizzell he put Lamb down there, and despite getting precious little support from anybody (though Nicholson tried) actually had a small victory. 

Our season is dead and buried, even he admitted we're at rock bottom, yet when somebody asked if he'd be swinging the axe and playing the kids next week the answer was effectively "No". He wants to "see what this group are made of" next week. Bull-freaking-shit. They're not made of much. Poyas kicked six for Sandringham yesterday and both Broadbridge and Molan are out for a loooooong time (Molan possibly until the end of 2004 - there's a top ten draft pick out the window). Long term injury list anyone? We want our "(Nobody's) Better than Ezra" headlines and we want them NOW NOW NOW.

This coaching performance reminds me of one of those Z-Grade midday movies that they always play on Channel 7. Meek and mild family men hits head in the garage and voila he's an axe-wielding psychopath who chops up the babysitter. Alternatively - Meek and mild coach of fairly successful football team hits head (possibly whilst devising ways to shaft Chris Lamb) and suddenly starts making important tactical decisions with the aid of a dartboard. Alistair Nicholson to full-forward? But he can't kick Neale! Oh, let's just have a bash anyway. What do you mean our defence is suddenly shit?

I rubbished his performance after the Geelong game but how about another look at Nathan Carroll? Not to mention Nick Smith, who did nothing wrong against the Bulldogs but hasn't had a look in since. Anyone else? Who cares, pick them all. Bring back the mid-season draft so we can pick up somebody who might actually have a crack for the rest of the year.

While we're at it, don't talk to me about Woewodin. A frankly ordinary performance that'll be pumped up into the greatest in the history of AFL/VFL football in the week where everybody's looking for a hero. Jason McCartney = wonderful comeback from the face of death. Woewodin = Ok player, average performance, fat paycheck.

Yes, I've turned. And by christ it's lucky we're playing in Adelaide next week because I'd almost be embarassed to go and waste another day watching the same shit we've had shoved down our throats this year.

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