Friday 26 January 2018

Demonbracket 2018: Your full voting guide

Welcome back to footy's Grand Slam, the tournament where we discover which player makes red and blue hearts beat fastest. Four ex-champions - Nathan Jones x2, Tom McDonald, Jack Viney and Max Gawn - enter the field for the seventh #demonbracket, against a growing field of promising kids and novelty characters.

It's unlikely these days that a player will ever be beaten to nil, but could this season be the first time a match ends in a draw? Consult the tournament preview if you're not sure what's going on.

Administrative announcement
Tournament director Colin Sylvia has made a change from the previously listed dates, the competition will now end on a Tuesday.

Monday 29 and Tuesday 30 January - Preliminary Round
Wednesday 31 January to Monday 5 February - Round 1
Tuesday 6 February to Wednesday 7 February - Round 2
Thursday 8 February to Friday 9 February - Quarter Finals
Monday 10 February - Semi Final
Tuesday 11 February - Grand Final

  • The voting criteria for each match-up is your personal business. It need not have anything to do with football if you don't want it to, but if does then the best of British luck to you. We won't ask questions, and nor should anyone else. If anyone tries to vote shame you denounce them on the internet.
  • Voting will be conducted between 0700 and 1900 AEDST unless otherwise noted
  • You must cast a valid vote for every match that day or none of your votes on that day's matches will count (I'll try and remind you where possible by there are no guarantees).
  • You must pick a winner in every match up. No half votes, no "I can't split them". Yes you can, and you must.
  • Non-MFC fans are more than welcome to vote as long as you follow all other rules
  • Players are more than welcome to use social media, real media or paid advertising to promote themselves. Outright bribery is not permitted.
  • Players may vote for themselves as long as they also vote in the other matchups of the day as per the above rules
  • In the event of a tie both players will advance to the next round, except in the case of the Grand Final where a replay will be held the following day.
  • If a match features three or more players and two or more tie for the most votes they will advance with all other players eliminated.
  • We reserve the right to refuse an excessive number of multiple votes from the same person using multiple accounts
  • Voting is conducted in an open format (TwitterBigFooty. and Facebook) to keep it interesting but if you're really keen on your privacy or have an intense hatred of social media you can email me daily via demonblogger AT
  • The decision of the Demonbracket Organising Committee is final. Unless somebody takes us to the Court of Arbitration for Sport in Lucerne.
The seeds

1. Max Gawn

2. Clayton Oliver
3. Jack Viney
4. Nathan Jones
5. Jordan Lewis
6. Neville Jetta
7. Michael Hibberd
8. Christian Petracca

Non-seeded players with a bye to Round 1

The 12 byes into the first round are awarded based on the most games played by the remaining contestants.

9. Tom McDonald

10. Bernie Vince
11. Dom Tyson
12. Cameron Pedersen
13. Jeff Garlett
14. Dean Kent
15. Jesse Hogan
16. Christian Salem
17. James Harmes
18. Jayden Hunt
19. Oscar McDonald
20. Angus Brayshaw

Players entered in the Preliminary Round (12 regular matches)

Order number determined by total games then order of addition to the list.

21. Billy Stretch

22. Sam Frost
23. Alex Neal-Bullen
24. Jay Kennedy-Harris
25. Aaron vandenBerg
26. Tomas Bugg
27. Josh Wagner
28. Mitch Hannan
29. Jake Melksham
30. Sam Weideman
31. Joel Smith
32. Tim Smith
33. Corey Maynard
34. Mitch King
35. Pat McKenna
36. Dion Johnstone
37. Declan Keilty
38. Lachlan Filipovic
39. Jake Lever
40. Harley Balic
41. Charlie Spargo
42. Bayley Fritsch
43. Harrison Petty
44. Oskar Baker

Preliminary Round
Monday 29 January
Oskar Baker d. Josh Wagner 72-57
Declan Keilty d. Harrison Petty 70-59
Jake Melksham d. Bayley Fritsch 101-28 
Aaron vandenBerg d. Mitch King 109-20 
Tim Smith d. Pat McKenna 101-29
Billy Stretch d. Corey Maynard 87-42

Tuesday 30 January
Harley Balic d. Dion Johnstone 71-55 
Sam Frost d. Sam Weideman 67-59 
Jay Kennedy-Harris d. Lachlan Filipovic 101-25
Jake Lever d. Charlie Spargo 110-16 
Alex Neal-Bullen d. Tomas Bugg 70-56
Mitch Hannan d. Joel Smith 92-34 

Round 1
Wednesday 31 January
1. Max Gawn d. Dean Kent 111-7
Bernie Vince d. Jay Kennedy-Harris 103-15
Oscar McDonald d. James Harmes 63-55
8. Christian Petracca d. Dom Tyson 104-14 

Thursday 1 February
6. Neville Jetta d. Oskar Baker 117-1
Jayden Hunt d. Christian Salem 92-26
Jeff Garlett d. Tim Smith 113-5
4. Nathan Jones d. Cameron Pedersen 100-18 

Friday 2 February
3. Jack Viney d. Mitch Hannan 115-10
Tom McDonald d. Jake Melksham 108-17
Alex Neal-Bullen d. Aaron vandenBerg 107-18
Jesse Hogan d. 7. Michael Hibberd 76-49

Monday 5 February
Angus Brayshaw d. 5 Jordan Lewis 90-23
Sam Frost d. Declan Keilty 104-9
Billy Stretch d. Jake Lever 65-48
2. Clayton Oliver d. Harley Balic 111-2

Round 2
Tuesday 6 February
1. Max Gawn d. Bernie Vince 109-8
8. Christian Petracca d. Oscar McDonald 109-8
6. Neville Jetta d. Jayden Hunt 87-30
4. Nathan Jones d. Jeff Garlett 103-14

Wednesday 7 February
3. Jack Viney d. Tom McDonald 75-33
Jesse Hogan d. Alex Neal-Bullen 77-31
Angus Brayshaw d. Sam Frost 80-28
2. Clayton Oliver d. Billy Stretch 95-13

Quarter Finals
Thursday 8 February 
8. Christian Petracca d. 1. Max Gawn 76-66
6. Neville Jetta d. 4. Nathan Jones 86-56

Friday 9 February
3. Jack Viney d. Jesse Hogan 69-48
2. Clayton Oliver d. Angus Brayshaw 95-22

Semi Finals
Monday 12 February
6. Neville Jetta d. 8. Christian Petracca 100-52
2. Clayton Oliver d. 3. Jack Viney 82-70

Grand Final
Tuesday 13 February
6. Neville Jetta d. 2. Clayton Oliver 122-32

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