Thursday, 8 February 2007

Holy shit, they're back

Hi. Remember us? Of course you do. Unless you're one of the 4250 spammers a day who are using the Demonblog comments as target practice.

Remember when I promised a "season in review" post in about September last year? Yeah well I couldn't be bothered. Let's put it all in one sentence "Yet again we didn't win anything". Is there any danger of it being different this season? Of course there isn't. We'll be on top in Round 15 and then fall apart like a Russian satellite.

What we will be having this year is guest writers aplenty. You handle the news and views and I'll handle the ball tearing but cathartic match reports. If you want to write for DB email the usual address (SUPERMERCADO at DEMONBLOG dot com) and we'll fix you up.

Roll on '07? Why not, we're only a month and a half into it.

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