Sunday, 15 June 2014

Technical difficulties - please stand by

There is very little that 4.40pm Sunday games are good for, unless you're the sort of person who needs to drink heavily beforehand in order to get through watching us. They're certainly no good for slapdash match 'reviews' compiled immediately after the game, and this means unfortunately I'll have time to think about the game this week before writing about it. That doesn't guarantee any sort of quality but will hopefully mean I've forgotten most of what happened.

Please return Monday evening/Tuesday morning for the usual segments that you know and tolerate. Until then please reflect on how much we won by (and yes, I did write this before the game).

Why not fill-in your time with the mid-season review and pointing out how many times I've been proven wrong already.

UPDATE 8pm: JESUS HOLY CHRIST WHAT WAS THAT? I'm half tempted to stay up all night and manipulate my unmentionables in celebration.

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