Wednesday 20 February 2013

Remembering the Tankquiry - A Day 8500 photo special

1897 - 2009
Tanking does not exist

2009 - August 2012
Tanking still does not exist, and that's been confirmed by the AFL

August 2012
Brock McLean lags on us

August 2012
The media circus begins

August 2012
The Tankquiry is launched

October 2012
No draft penalties for 2012. Jack Viney and all picks are safe.

November - December 2012
Intense questioning continues

January 2013
And keeps going...

February 2013
And we're all a bit sick of it now, just make a decision you bastards.

19 February 2013
At last, the criminal verdict is in! And it's not guilty!

19 February 2013
But so is the result of the civil trial, and it's not guilty (but still pay $500k)!

20 February 2013
But overall...

22 February 2013
Oh no, it's Tankquiry II - Electric Boogaloo

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