Tuesday 12 June 2012

Squashed by the Reality Bus

Notwithstanding the fact that we were never going to win on Monday I thought it was appropriate when the 'humorous' Passive Aggressive Notes daily calendar in my kitchen presented one that morning featuring a handwritten note simply reading "Please try not to curse so much on your blog - Mom".

Good thing that my 'mom' isn't reading then. She did stumble across it once and it happened to be the week where I recounted the incident of her nearly swatting a Port fan in 2003 and that was it. So at 55-4 it would have been just my luck that she'd get into again just in time for the air to turn blue as I hurled out caps lock laden abuse and threatened to kick the metaphorical cat.

Then the third quarter ended with us a very, very, VERY long shot to win but at least not 150 points behind and everything seemed alright with the world. However three minutes into the last quarter with the white flag halfway up the pole and the crew preparing capsize procedures and handing out life jackets we were all set for more frothing, gnashing and keyboard mashing about our tendency to shut up shop.

Somehow, via a series of bizarre coincidences, goals by defenders, moments of disinterest by the Pies and a sub performance by Lynden Dunn which made every Melbourne supporter in the place scream "WHY THE FUCK CAN'T YOU DO THAT WHEN YOU START?" as one it ended up as a 'respectable' defeat. Usually honourable losses can do one but when you're handing out fifty point starts I don't think anybody can take the moral highground on this.

Somehow the series of random events ended in us not only losing by 'not much' (at least that's the way it'll look in the record books in ten years time) but also with our highest score of the season (no really). Admittedly beating 78, and still having the worst high score in the league this year, is not something that deserves a street parade but at least it's a step in the right direction against a decent team. Or was it? I don't know anymore.

Oh yes if you weren't there it was one of those days. God knows if I'm supposed to be happy, angry, sad or in despair so I'll just adopt a trademark Garland bewildered expression and remain confused about what I saw happen right in front of me.

Really even though even with rock bottom low expectations and the fact that I'd have taken that margin and run a mile with it before the game or at quarter time I still can't help but feel a little bit ripped off at having spent great swathes of a game against the premiership favourite of the week (for what that's worth this year) playing decent football only to end up necking ourselves with the same farcical kicking that brings us undone every week and would have against Essendon too had they not forgotten how to kick straight.

Obviously the same concerns could be applied to a similar performance against any top four team (including the first three quarters against Carlton when they were still one) but I'm sure this will find its way into the hands of a Pies supporter who will furiously hurl abuse at the screen about how it's worse because Queen's Birthday is "our Grand Final". Cram it with walnuts pal, that line might work on one of the once a year tossbags who turned up - only to hear that they're actually at the snow which must surprise them considering a) they're actually at the MCG and b) they weren't coming to games even when it was sunny.

Personally I've more than had enough of Queen's Birthday. They're right in a way that their fans barely consider us rivals anymore, especially if they're under 60, so it is a bit embarassing for us to go around treating this game like it's a two way vicious hatred. We call them filth, they call us one of the few teams who have won even less than them in the last 50 years.

As I said pre-season in advance of exactly this 'bitter after a loss' scenario, surely we've reached the point where we're financially safe enough to stop being patted on the head by these condescending cockheads and told all about how they're 'helping us'. It's hard to turn down the home share of a 64k gate but let's reclaim some our dignity and request to play Richmond or Carlton instead - one a one year home, one year away basis. At the moment it's like Collingwood owns a (admittedly wafer thin) slice of the club and that turd who runs the joint can dangle it over our head as blackmail whenever he likes.

It's just our luck that the moment we decided to say no charity that the AFL would gleefully take the chance to screw us and roll in Damien Hardwick and Brendan Gale for the press conference only to reveal that it's Eddie and Bucks on the other side of the curtain and that we'd been scheduled to play Gold Coast atop Mt Vesuvius.

Unfortunately my masterplan for a new Queen's Birthday extravaganza is at least a year away so we have to deal with the fact that yes they beat us again, yes they brought a shedload more fans than us to our home game and most regrettably we managed to take home the Golden Smoking Jacket for Footy Stereotypes for the tenth consecutive year.

Just when you thought the racist filth who got lagged out by Daisy Thomas last week helped us wrest back the advantage in the great stereotypes game we rolled in the Scotch College marching band to provide 'pre match entertainment'. Which was hardly entertaining considering they didn't march anywhere (leaving the leader to stand around looking foolish) and nobody bothered to put a microphone in front of them so it was basically a pointless exercise for any reason other than making us look like velvet jacketed wankers again. Like the trumpeteer who even has a name and a stage to play on now.

I'll take our stereotype over anybody's (oh no, we're rich that's just terrible for us. Any danger of a cash payout to allow me to actually live this lifestyle?) but before saying "hey, how about a private school marching band in poncy uniforms?" in the pre-match 'entertainment' brainstorming how about considering what it adds to the occassion. In this case nothing unless old mate from Webjet turns out to be an ex-member of the Scotch marching band and strongarmed us into giving them a run in return for cash.

Ironically after turning the ponce meter to 11 with the marching band and trumpeteer combination we then put in our dirtiest performance in years and their fans went on to cry about it. We're even copping it from peons because Didak got booed when he went off the ground. At least Jack Watts didn't end up getting blamed for it because he was the one who kicked it at him in the first place. Make up your mind Collingwood fans and journos who like the taste of pie fan plum on your upper lip, are we the Brighton Grammar All-Stars or the Manson Family? You can't have it both ways - unless you're the woman sitting behind me but more on her later. Fair to see even if you are a smoking jacket clad poon (and I have no idea what a smoking jacket actually is to be honest) you'd have to have enjoyed Tapscott's cheapshot on Fasolo later on - how he only got one week for that I'm not entirely sure but I'll take it.

Unfortunately it was all downhill from Didak tearing his ball bag in two because the thirty seconds before that was probably the best we had it all quarter. Let the procession begin, featuring almost total midfield dominance, a goal that I swear was a point (having refused to watch it again this may be totally incorrect) because it hit old mate's leg while he was against the post and a bunch of other goals that were perfectly legitimate.

How was the confusion when they went to the video 30 seconds after the 'goal' when the ball was already in the middle of the ground? By that point even when it looked like we might get away with a point I was embarassed to even be part of it. Unfortunately it stood and the procession continued at pace but the reviewing fiesta wasn't quite done with, poor old Dan Nicholson can't get them to look at one that lands a foot over the line last week but then this week they compound Green's wonky kicking by making everybody sit there and wait for them to decide that he just managed to sneak one in instead of booting it out on the full. Who would have thought that a system rammed through via AFL style 'democracy' a week before the season started would end in a shambles? Nah, nobody.

Underrated in the reporting of the rampage is that we were matching them for inside 50's most of the quarter. The difference of course being that their forwards (and Travis Cloke) were getting pinpoint delivery or capitalising on cock-ups from our defenders while we were smashing it forward hoping for the best and finding nobody - and out it came again with the greatest of ease. Mitch Clark is still our best crumber and proponent of forward pressure - this needs to be addressed urgently at the end of the year. Give the poor man some help, he's playing out of his skin at the moment but he'll end up shellshocked and depressed like our defenders eventually.

Speaking of shellshocked and depressed it might come as a surprise given the crimes he was involved with later on in the game but I thought Morton was amongst our best in the first quarter. Not a great deal of competition but there were a couple of moments where he showed promise. Admittedly other than his moment of high farce in the third quarter there wasn't that much else that he did wrong when he got the ball but it's a matter of getting it in the first place not just standing around looking petrified.

Unfortunately for him the third quarter debacle has not only not been swept under the rug but it's earning a cult following on the AFL website in a video presented with no context other than the video title of 'coach killer'. That's something nice for your resume. Watching it again I'd almost have preferred him to have been pinched for running too far - and he must have been close - than to turn it over like that. Where was he even aiming? In that video it appears that he gets confused between the long and short option so decides to split the difference and just boot it to the guy standing in the middle. Interesting. Shit but interesting.

Sadly the advantage of being Collingwood is that they've got such a killer core of good players that they can afford to carry 10 who are either kids or are simply shit (S. Buckley come on down) and still comfortably clean up rubbish teams with only slight aggravation. Unlike, say, Essendon who have one or two who can be relied on every time and freaked out en masse by the thought of getting rumbled by a rubbish side. Maybe that's where Morton would flourish as predicted, because it's sure not happening in the MFC Misery Factory. Book him another session at the fictional club psychologist.

Having god's own midfield also assists in carrying one hit wonders like Travis Cloke who is basically the rich man's Mitch Clark at the moment. Surely his putrid performance yesterday coupled with our own midfield follies put to rest any suggestion that we're going to pay him a zillion dollars for a five year contract at the end of the year. Ok maybe he'd have been there or thereabouts when we were roosting them long inside 50 with no aim or care during the first quarter but I'd much rather fix that thanks. I know you can't go and buy a gun midfielder off the shelf but I'd rather buy two good mids than pay a fortune for yet another player who is mentally suspect. Let GWS have him, or even better let Collingwood get roped into paying a fortune to keep him for five years just don't let him anywhere near the MFC unless it's in the rookie draft after he's been delisted elsewhere.

The good news for fans of our award winning ability to self destruct at the start of a quarter is that this time we managed to last a full seven minutes of the second quarter before conceding a goal. Only because they didn't kick straight on their previous two attempts. Then one of a number of shit umpiring decisions - this time against Frawley and no I'm not blaming for the result, it's not their fault we can't kick to a target - cost us another one and it was starting to look a bit 186 against a team who would probably bar up over the prospect of that sort of spanking victory.

Then just as the Kardinia Park flashbacks were becoming overwhelming we booted three in a row to end the half. Pardon? Most of the time we're lucky to kick three for a half but rarely do they all come in a row at the end of it. Didn't hurt that the midfield finally decided to stop getting slaughtered and come to the party - especially Jones who was good after doing nothing in the first quarter and at least Moloney who might have actually done his own tribute to 186 by not getting a kick in the first quarter managed a few when it counted.

I loved Grimes' game from this point on too. The stats will show his disposal efficiency was shite (though only had one clanger, work that out. Everyone else's fault?) but how many of his marks came in the defensive 50 at full stretch when he'd been put under pressure by a rancid kick across the ground? Even when he got decked and everyone thought his long overdue injury was on the cards he was back to normal not long after. Long may he live without a depressed fracture of the cheekbone.

The third quarter was even better because, if you can bring yourself to ignore The Morton Debacle which led to their deflating first goal, for a great deal of it we were bloody good. Didn't hurt again that the Pies couldn't kick straight but ignore that, the beastly (in a good way) figure of Mitch Clark finally got his hands on it inside 50, our midfield were at least breaking even, Jamar wasn't getting flogged for the first time all day, Jordie was doing a fine job of a filthy scrag job on Daisy Thomas and somehow to the popular acclaim of at least 9% of the crowd we were well within the Chris Sullivan Line going into the last quarter.

Unfortunately the CSL only applies to teams playing against us, and after kicking our opening two goals of the first five minutes of a third quarter all season (leaving us just 2.4.16 to 7.11.53 behind now fact fans) whatever Neeld said to them at the last break can officially be deemed to have 'not worked' as we somehow contrived to cop three goals in the first 2.42 of the final term. Sure we weren't going to win without the miracle of the millenium anyway but after being lulled into a false sense of security that we were going to keep it under 10 goals it was a rude shock to see a grand slam capitulation like that. No doubt this is the sort of game Frawley will be citing when he eventually becomes jack of being the punching bag for shit midfields and asks to leave.

Then the bipolar freaks decided to kick four in a row. Then having closed the gap to four goals and at least made the Pies sweat a bit they turned around and copped four in a row. WHAT IN GOD'S NAME ARE YOU PEOPLE DOING?

Also in tribute to his goal at the end can I be the first to say I reckon there's something odd about Sam Blease. I love the way he takes the game on and his two career goals have both been rippers but he seems, err, distant? Also could somebody with Champion Data style stats please confirm if anybody else with 75 odd kicks this season has got such rancid disposal efficiency? Thank god for somebody quick but it goes for both he and Nicholson that it would be nice if they could combine speed with accuracy. In their defence it's not that we've got anybody to kick it to half the time.

Compare and contrast to the way the Pies players ran off their opponents to take marks? I'd have half a bar if we could do that more than once or twice a game - and not just on the half back flank, somewhere that it might cause some damage. Pleased to see more adventure in the middle of the ground this week but until we can get some proper users of the ball AND players willing to work their arses off to get into positions to get the ball we deserve to be three games inside the bottom three.

Close your eyes and think about signs, that's all we've got to work off at the moment.

2012 Allen Jakovich Medal Votes
5 - Jack Grimes
4 - Nathan Jones
3 - Jeremy Howe
2 - Mitch Clark
1 - Jordie McKenzie

Apologies of varying degrees of sincerity to Dunn, Frawley, Blease, Nicholson, Magner and Sellar.

Shut the gate. I didn't rate Jones' performance as much as some but he still extends his lead to more than three BOGs with half a season left. Elsewhere Grimes takes the lead in the Seecamp but if you're punting on it I'm concerned that by the end of the season he'll end up DQ'ed for playing too much in the midfield.

36 - Nathan Jones
19 - Mitch Clark
14 - Jeremy Howe
13 - James Magner (LEADER: Jeff Hilton Medal for Rookie of the Year)
12 - Jordie McKenzie
11 - Jack Watts
10 - Jack Grimes (LEADER: Marcus Seecamp Medal for Defender of the Year)
7 - Matthew Bate
6 - Tom McDonald, Jared Rivers
5 - Clint Bartram, James Frawley, Sam Blease
4 - Jack Trengove, Brent Moloney
3 - Stefan Martin, Mark Jamar (LEADER: Jim Stynes Medal for Ruckman of the Year)
1 - Rohan Bail, James Sellar

Crowd Watch
I can see the benefit of following a team with a billion fans, mainly because it means you're probably winning, but my god you'd want to be winning eight in a row to justify having to put up with crowds like that every week. No man should ever have to stand in line for five minutes to take a whizz at a Melbourne game, that's precisely the sort of compensation that we happily take for financially supporting a basketcase.

The downside to having a million fans is, of course, that the more you've got the more freaks and geeks you're likely to attract. Sadly for that percentage of Pies fans who aren't munters by virtue of having the most fans they can always be relied on to provide a high proportion of nutters.

On a day where you had to work really hard to get away from people (and I ended up three rows from where I was last week, only this time unfortunately without the twenty empty rows in front) I suspect that there will be some cracking stories about fun with the underclass but truth be told the overwhelming majority of Pies fans at the very back of the Ponsford were perfectly normal footy fans. They brayed for free kicks when they were supposed to, cheered at the appropriate time and visibly shit themselves at the prospect of surrendering a 50 point lead to a rubbish side. So far so much like everyone else.

There were some big winners though - the guy who stood up and yelled "HEY EVERYONE, GUESS WHAT, WE'RE TOP OF THE LADDER!" in the last quarter and got absolutely nothing from anyone of his fellow fans and the lumberjack style beardo who screamed out some rubbish about Melbourne fans leaving early in the last quarter despite the fact that clearly nine out of 10 of them were Pies fans trying to beat the crowd.

Then there was the astonishing creature behind me, the clubhouse leader for fan of the year. Even before seeing the two tell-tale signs of a good time waiting to be had - a tramp stamp and a Reject Shop "COLLINGWOOD" scarf (NB: if your scarf has the full team name on it you have bought it from the Reject Shop and are NOT FOOLING ANYONE) - I knew what I was in for when she sat down behind us and loudly exclaimed that the seats were "too fuckin' far" away from the bar. Good start. Ironically enough the gentlemen with her (by weight of numbers one of them 'the father' I'm sure) actually shut up and behaved like human beings.

Unfortunately this left the air clear for four quarters of screeching about how shit all the Collingwood players were and all manner of other random filth. I reckon she was about to rip out some racial gear on Wellingham at one point and just caught herself before it slipped. Not a physics major. More likely the sort to be seen sitting in the gutter outside the Pool Room in Ferntree Gully after being thrown out for glassing the barmaid. Which is kind of hot if you're 20, randy and lurking around the streets of Ferntree Gully but not so much a decade later when you're trying to concentrate wholeheartedly on your team giving up a nine goal lead.

None of it was particularly offensive but it did show another one of the major benefits of following a huge team. If she'd been a Melbourne fan acting the goat about our players I don't think I'd have been able to restrain myself from firing back smartarse comments (which is always far more difficult when the person is sitting behind you) but with the Pies fans whipped into a Nuremburg Rallies style frenzy by success and their overwhelming numerical superiority nobody told her to sit down and shut the fuck up. Which is how brawls start, but as long as I'm not involved and nobody's granny gets knocked over in the fracas what do I care?

Brawls also start because security guards just stand around waiting to be told there's something going down or for someone to lag their fellow fan out to the text hotline. And let's just say that some of the people with kids within earshot of Roboskank actually wanted to report their fellow fan for screeching fuck a hundred times in five minutes, it's all well and good to command them to send the details of where they're sitting via anonymous text but unless you're sitting on an aisle who knows what row or bay you're sitting in? I'd have had no bloody idea where I was if you'd asked me yesterday other than on the top deck of the Ponsford, seven or eight rows from the back and 'in the middle' whatever that means. I'd love to see the stats on how many hits this hotline has had and how many times it's led to people being booted out - my money's on it having the same sucess rate as the terror hotline which has just racked up a decade without a single call that wasn't either a prank or a vengeful ex trying to get somebody arrested.

Alternatively if somebody was really offending you then you could just move but does not somebody ripping out the top shelf stuff deserve to be kicked out? If you're lucky and the person is sitting near enough to be caught on camera (i.e not at the back of the Ponsford) and identified later they might get a slap on the wrist (as if the guy who was stripped of his membership wasn't there somewhere) and have to make some dinky, fake apology before going back to being a drunken arsehole.

I shudder to think how Roboskank ended the day, having shown up blind then consumed numerous beers throughout the match (one of which I think was spilt late in the day if the slight beer shower I copped was anything to go by) and threatened to "go out for a celebration" afterwards. The suggestion at the time via Twitter that she might end the day in congress with various fellow fans in the MCG carpark might not have gone far enough, I'm expecting the police to come out with one of those "do you know this person" appeals asking if anybody knows a woman with a Reject Shop Pies scarf, a hint of muffin-top and a tramp stamp probably acquired in Bali. Alas like so many others I knew her only briefly.

MFC Facebook Comment of the Week
Thanks to the tip-off from The Farce Blog here's a man currently living the dream with the Box Hill Hawks (via the WAFL, two delistings and two underwhelming AFL games) suggesting that our players should do a runner for bigger and better things.

Now admittedly he's a red hot chance of a flag this year, of the VFL variety, but what fish and chip shop does he work in to keep paying the electricity bill? The revelation during the week that Emo Maric is pocketing just $55,000 a year to be on the Richmond rookie list seems to indicate that young Daniel is probably playing for expenses a'la one of the Cordner brothers and living off the fact that by kicking two goals in two games he had a better AFL career than Relton Roberts.

Apparently the comment was 'liked' by Simon Buckley, but at least he somehow managed to fall into a position where he might play in a premiership (via 50 people doing their knee) after we sacked him for being shit. If Chris Johnson (e.g our greatest father/son selection of the modern era) hadn't been shunted from Carlton to Aberfeldie for the same reason that could have been him.

Coaching Corner
Now he's had his week off from being belted by the media how much are we going to see Neeld getting hammered for the footage where he clearly tells an assistant coach to shut up. Several times. Maybe the assistant just said something stupid and deserved to be told so? I'm still backing the man even if his 3/4 time speech was obviously the worst since Fatty Vautin's TV debut. I'd like to think it was Chris Connolly randomly bursting into the box and attempting to do one of his AGM comedy acts before being told to fuck right off.

In a fortnight
For the love of all that is good and right in the world can everyone involved make sure that nobody who has anything to do with football at this club shows up expecting that the fact that GWS has one or two good players and 20 kids means that we'll get all the good aspects out of the Collingwood game and none of the bad because if they take the piss or crumble under the inevitable decent start by the Giants and get done then a lot of people are going to go off their collective tit.

As for changes I'll acknowledge the fact that Lucas Cook is alive, well and doing nicely in the VFL but I'm not going to take the piss by giving him a token game just because we're playing GWS. Somebody still has to kick goals and I'm not sure he's up to rocking straight into the AFL and pretending he's John Georgiadis after two years doing bugger all. His time will come, there's no need to force it - there will be a lot of dead rubbers to be had at the end of this year.

There's a few being lined up to play for the third against Box Hill this week (you'll probably find Cash and Flag Danny Hughes cutting oranges on the sidelines) so somebody will undoubtedly snap their forearm in two but hopefully if you're playing in that game you're not in contention for the seniors anyway. It would be nice if the Scorpions were playing a proper game but unfortunately the VFL (doesn't even deserve to be referred to as the VFA anymore lest we sully the good name of Camberwell and Geelong West) is such a farce of a competition that for the third time in five weeks we're not playing.

A bye on either side of their state game (OH THANK GOD WE WON BY A 100 POINTS LET ME HUMP JOHN BAIRD'S LEG IN CELEBRATION!) has put pay to any chance of our fringe players actually playing. I know the sub rule and the impending criminally negligent introduction of 2/2 (which we must fight to death if needs be) seems to indicate that playing football is less important for a footballer than riding exercise bikes and playing FIFA on an X-Box but at least give kids and players who are living on the edge of oblivion the chance prove themselves regularly.

With any luck Essendon's dicking of Bendigo in order to field their own reserves team should even the numbers up and ensure that there's less disruption to the real teams next year (and with apologies to Casey how I would love to field a proper reserves team) but how about some better scheduling as well? What do you think would have happened to Casey's attendance compared to average if they'd played at home this week while Melbourne had the bye? Last week you make sure one of the North teams (why do they have two?) and Williamstown were playing to cover North and Bulldogs fans, this week you make sure Casey, Collingwood, Bendigo and Geelong are playing and next week Preston, Werribee, Sandringham and Box Hill. I'm very much available to come and be the commissioner of this new league as long as they promise to keep Phil Cleary away from me.

Also the VFL Development League is for the tip. They should merge it with the TAC Cup so that the puny kids can get some experience against bigger bodies and some down on their luck AFL players before they're drafted. At the risk of sounding like one of those numpties who writes into the Herald Sun implying they've got the solution to everything I think this is the solution to everything.

Back to selection speculation news I'm opting for the long awaited return of the Stefan Martin Experience after a best on ground four goal performance last week. He's not Lance Franklin now and never will be but he's far more likely to kick a goal than our defender laden experimental forward line. Sadly for Sellar after his two best games in a row this means that he's squeezed out for one or both of Rivers and Garland to go back and for the introduction of Demonblog's Own Troy Davis as my token 'let's take GWS lightly' selection which will inevitably backfire.

Apologies to Sellar, I'm not sure I've ever tried to drop somebody who has received a votes apology before but to be honest he only just managed to get one of those so my conscience is clear, but I don't want Clark going anywhere near the ruck during this match and surely Garland/Rivers can take a week out from being the new Brian Lake to go back and do what we know they're good at. The Experience plays second ruck and gives us another proper tall target to kick it at in the forward line and Sellar goes back to the 2's with best wishes rather than the directive to tell his story walking. I have NFI what "One percenters" consist of but it's telling (I suppose) that he had 14 and the next best had four. Still not saving him.

Tempting to boot Green out too but if he's fit I'm willing to give him another week against some 15-year-olds. If he can't get it going there then it's time to give him the same "don't ruin your legacy" talk as Davey and a standing ovation on the way into a well deserved retirement. Of course had he kicked three instead of missing them today I'd probably be on here waffling about how he was going to play until 40 but that's what being fickle is all about.

Mystery training ground injuries aside that leaves us with the very simple switch of:

IN: Martin, Davis
OUT: Tapscott (sus), Sellar (omit with apologies)

Anyway, forget what's happening on-field against GWS tell me all about what's going to happen off it. I know you might want to keep your activities quiet just in case 'the man' is watching but go on, you can do as everyone else does in the comments and write it as 'anonymous'. Just don't post anything that might land us all in jail. Are people going to properly go off on $cully in a frenzy of vile filthy hatred or is it going to be, as I suspect, a few pockets of foul abuse, some 'heavy' booing and a lot of gnashing of teeth.

Obviously stop at anything illegal or which involves you introducing kids to obscene and indecent language but I fully encourage you to do anything it takes to let the world know that we hate players who chose their club solely on the basis of how much money was offered unless it's Mitch Clark then that's ok because he's a top bloke.

Civil disorder is not in my nature so I've got no idea how to do such a thing but if anybody is an expert in writing slogans in paint across bedsheets contact me via the usual address as I'd like to unleash $CULLY FILTH! at the top of the Ponsford as a historical tribute to the MOORE FILTH! banner that Pies fans unveiled when Peter Moore joined us.

Final Thoughts
Given that we're three full wins and percentage below 15th I'm confident that the second half of the year will involve us having the full bash and cleaning a few teams up. It is not optional for this to start after the GWS game.

We got away with belting a few people this week, let's redouble our efforts into being the game's new bunch of hated cheats and beat up on some children en route to a morale boosting victory. Either that or the 32 of us left at the final siren are going to look bloody stupid when $cully and Sheedy are doing this dance in the middle of the ground at the final siren.


  1. How about bogus GWS t-shirts reading Greedy Whore Scully?


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