Tuesday 6 March 2012

Demonbracket 2012

In the grand tradition of the NCAA March Madness basketball tournament and the even grander tradition of usingg the same knockout formula to do gimmicks Demonblog is offering you the chance to make completely arbitrary judgements in one-on-one matchups based solely on the player you like most.

You don't have to justify your decision, you don't even have to be a Melbourne fan. Just decide who you prefer, vote for them and you're off to the races.

How it works
Unfortunately the fact that we don't have 16/32/64 players on our list complicates the process so there's the small matter of a preliminary round to get through before the real action begins. Rookies and senior listed players with zero career games were automatically sent to the prelims where they were joined by a random selection of unseeded players.

From Round 1 (of the tournament) onwards it's a straight knockout until the winner is announced on the Wednesday before Round 1 (of the actual season). He will be showered with glory and go into the season riding a wave of public support and goodwill from all. Or he'll never know and it will be our dirty secret.

How to vote
Tweet back the names of the winners on the correct day, email me, call me, Facebook me, post it in a forum thread, yell it from a construction site as I walk down the street. Whatever. As long as it gets to Demonblog Towers before the end of that day. Winners will be announced at the start of every new day and the bracket updated below.

Based on the leadership group on a completely subjective analysis of the order they're in with games played as the tie-breaker between the two captains.

1. Jack Trengove
2. Jack Grimes
3. James Frawley
4. Nathan Jones
5. Mark Jamar
6. Mitch Clark
7. Colin Garland
8. Clint Bartram

Preliminary Round
Wednesday 7 March
Rohan Bail d. Jake Spencer 37-3
Jordan Gysberts d. Leigh Williams 39-1
Daniel Nicholson d. James Strauss 22-17
Luke Tapscott d. Josh Tynan 38-2

Thursday 8 March (AM)
Jordie McKenzie d. Jai Sheahan 30-1
Brent Moloney d. Lucas Cook 25-6
Liam Jurrah d. Michael Evans 29-2
Jared Rivers d. Rory Taggert 26-5
Jack Watts d. Kelvin Lawrence 29-2

Thursday 8 March (PM)
Tom McDonald d. Tom Couch 17-15
Troy Davis d. Jack Fitzpatrick 23-9
Brad Green d. Cale Morton 22-10
Max Gawn d. James Magner 17-15
James Sellar d. Neville Jetta 22-9

Round 1
Friday 9 March
1. Jack Trengove d. Rohan Bail 27-3
Aaron Davey d. Jordan Gysberts 16-14
Colin Sylvia d. Daniel Nicholson 25-5
Luke Tapscott d. 8. Clint Bartram 16-14

Tuesday 12 March
5. Mark Jamar d. Jordie McKenzie 26-7
Jeremy Howe d. Brent Moloney 17-16
Liam Jurrah d. Lynden Dunn 26-7
3. James Frawley d. Joel Macdonald 32-1

Wednesday 13 March
4. Nathan Jones d. Jared Rivers 26-5
Jack Watts d. Stefan Martin 22-9
Tom McDonald d. Jamie Bennell 22-8
6. Mitch Clark d. Troy Davis 26-5

Thursday 14 March
Brad Green d. 7. Colin Garland 13-12
Ricky Petterd d. Max Gawn 24-1
Sam Blease d. James Sellar 23-2
2. Jack Grimes d. Matthew Bate 24-1

Round 2
Friday 15 March
1. Jack Trengove d. Aaron Davey 32-1
Colin Sylvia d. Luke Tapscott 19-14
5. Mark Jamar d. Jeremy Howe 26-7
3. James Frawley d. Liam Jurrah 31-2

Monday 19 March
4. Nathan Jones d. Jack Watts 24-8
6. Mitch Clark d. Tom McDonald 30-2
Ricky Petterd d. Brad Green 18-14
2. Jack Grimes d. Sam Blease 31-1

Quarter Finals
Thursday 22 March
1. Jack Trengove d. Colin Sylvia 25-5
3. James Frawley d. 5. Mark Jamar 27-3

Friday 23 March
4. Nathan Jones d. 6. Mitch Clark 23-7
2. Jack Grimes d. Ricky Petterd 17-13

Semi Finals
Monday 26 March
3. James Frawley d. 1. Jack Trengove 25-12

Tuesday 27 March
4. Nathan Jones d. 2. Jack Grimes 21-16

Wednesday 28 March
3. James Frawley d. 4. Nathan Jones 35-12

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